Strengthening jaws and necks across the globe!

            Many pro fighters are now strengthening their neck and jaw to help prevent injuries.Rock Jaw is great for boxers,MMA fighters or any athlete.Just insert the mouthpiece in your mouth; let the rock bag hang and lift your head up and down or side to side for repetitions.Rock Jaw is also a cosmetic product the exercise can help eliminate double chin.The jaw is the main target in the fight game.A strong neck and jaw can help absorb more shock to punches ! Make your neck and jaw rock solid with Rock Jaw!

            Available with Boxing ,Karate or
            MMA logo 4LBS or 10 LBS

                    ROCK JAW & Fight Patch
$15.00 free shipping

            Please fill with own rocks!!

 Boxing Fight Patch
Eliminates Double Chin!
         Ameteurs ; pro fighters and world champions across the globe train with Rock Jaw!
Patented Product

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World Champ Camacho Jr!
National champ
The Bull Brown
Good Fella
M 80 Lopez
The Cracken
Punch World Media
Josh Butler  23-0 Ametuer

Brooklyns Prospect
            Carlos "El  Flaco Explosivo"  Solano
John "Lionheart" Perez